[OSM-dev] pointing to maps

Mohamad Ali Mohamad.ali at intellitrac.com.au
Wed May 6 05:54:41 BST 2009

Hi Guys,

I finally succeeded to produce images following the tutorial
www.weait.com/content/build-your-own-openstreetmap-server, and part 2 of it

When I get file tiles , I copied it as is  to var/www folder used for web


Then I edit that example : 



changing the http 

var mapnik = new OpenLayers.Layer.TMS(

                "OpenStreetMap (Mapnik)",



                    type: 'png', getURL: osm_getTileURL,

                    displayOutsideMaxExtent: true,

                    attribution: '<a






And I get the zoom level zero of the world on the web page 



Is that correct??


Thanks guys for all your help




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