[OSM-dev] openstreetmap.js attribution

Tom Hughes tom at compton.nu
Fri May 8 14:55:02 BST 2009

Jonas Krückel wrote:

> if you use openlayers for displaying openstreetmap tiles on the web you 
> will probably use on of the examples from the wiki. The examples use 
> http://openstreetmap.org/openlayers/OpenStreetMap.js normally.
> Unfortunately the attribution text of this file is not correct, it only 
> says Data by OpenStreetMap (code:
> attribution: "Data by <a href='http://openstreetmap.org/'>OpenStreetMap</a>", 
> ), but doesn´t mention the license.

It doesn't need to mention the license. What it says is, subject to the 
whole issue regarding whether simply mentioned the project is enough, 
all that is needed. Clause (4)(c) of the license says:

   "You must keep intact all copyright notices for the Work and give the
    Original Author credit reasonable to the medium or means You are
    utilizing by conveying the name (or pseudonym if applicable) of the
    Original Author if supplied; the title of the Work if supplied; to
    the extent reasonably practicable, the Uniform Resource Identifier,
    if any, that Licensor specifies to be associated with the Work

So provided that "we" as in the project designate 
http://openstreetmap.org/ as the URI to be displayed then there is no 
problem that I can see.


Tom Hughes (tom at compton.nu)

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