[OSM-dev] Finding water vs. land

Tels nospam-abuse at bloodgate.com
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my renderer downloads data for tiles (currently in the 0.1° grid) and 
then renderes these.

This works fine, except for coastlines, where I have two problems:

* The coastlines are just open lines, but I need closed areas for 
* When I download data in the middle of the ocean, no coastline crosses 
the tile and I do not know that the current tile must be filled 
completely with water

That there is some coastline data for mapnik, but I don't quite 
understand how that process works.

So how would I:

* figure out that a certain area is water-covered?
* get a complete, closed coast line (possible for the entire world?)

and both best via some HTTP request :)

All the best,


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