[OSM-dev] OSMOSIS merge problem

Jürgen Gluch juergen.gluch at gmx.de
Mon May 18 21:13:30 BST 2009


so far I used the "osmosis-0.24.1-java5" version to merge osm files. But one of my source files has changed to the 0.6-API recently (an extract from geofabrik.de). I thought to use a new version of osmosis to merge the files. So far without success. I tired "osmosis-0.31" to merge an 0.5-api file with a 0.6-api file to an 0.5-api file...

this worked fine with 0.5-api files, but not with new 0.6-api:
java -Xmx1024M -jar osmosis.jar --rx data.osm --sort --rx srtm.osm --sort --m --wx temp.osm

I also tired:
bin/osmosis --read-xml-0.6 file="data.osm" --sort --read-xml file="srtm.osm" --sort --merge --write-xml file="merged.osm"

data.osm is 0.6-api
srtm.osm is 0.5-api
merged.osm shall become 0.5-api

I use Kubuntu 8.04 on my PC.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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