[OSM-dev] Guys I trusted you, I removed my checks...

Maarten Deen mdeen at xs4all.nl
Tue May 19 06:59:26 BST 2009

Paul Johnson wrote:
> Stefan de Konink wrote:
>> ....but again this trust was misplaced. No, it is not Potlatch 0.9a, it
>> cannot be Potlatch is the perfect user tool and introduction to OSM. It
>> must be API 0.6 that didn't solve all our problems, as was promised.
>> Instead but it opened the gates of hell, a parallel universe within
>> OSM...[/melodramatic] [start fanfare tune + brass]
>> http://api.openstreetmap.org/api/0.6/way/8115655/full
>> http://api.openstreetmap.org/api/0.6/node/255483811/history
>> I probably have to blame myself; I was a fool to speed up my converter
>> by removing the consistency checks. But since when do we support more
>> than -180/+180 ?
> My understanding is that there's nothing intrinsically tying us to ±90°
> by ±180°, based on the responses I got on #osm when asking about the
> possibility of mapping something with a geometry grossly different from
> Earth's (ie, Second Life).
> On Earth, at least, anything outside of the ±180x90° range is likely
> subject to standard trigonometry in terms of placement, assuming it's
> not rejected.

As for placement on the map: Mapnik puts the Norhtpole on lat/lon 0,0 (have a
look). Maybe that's the 5th dimension translation of it, so who knows what
lat/lon larger than 90/180 does.


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