[OSM-dev] Osmosis crash for large map import to osmbin format

Brett Henderson brett at bretth.com
Thu May 28 08:37:11 BST 2009

Curt Nowak wrote:
> Hi all,
> when trying to import a large map (Germany) into the osmbin format[1]
> using osmosis, the program crashes with the output shown at the end of
> this mail. I'd like to use the map of Germany for simple routing
> problems with the help of libosm[2]. So the osmbin format seemed like
> the best idea.
> I had already filtered the map before, running the appropriate osmosis
> tasks on the map. Still, the "Size exceeds Integer.MAX_VALUE" part makes
> me wonder whether this is a permanent issue for large maps (see also
> [3]).
> I am not sure where to go next? Is there a possible fix? Should I switch
> to a Postgres DB for the map data? Is there a way to make libosm work
> with Postgres?
> Any hints are most welcome,
It looks like the osmbin code is attempting to memory map the file.  In 
java, memory mapping is limited to a 2GB file (at least on a 32-bit JVM, 
not sure about 64-bit).  I don't know enough about the internals of the 
osmbin tasks to know if this is possible to fix.


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