[OSM-dev] finding OSM users by their home locations

Emilie Laffray emilie.laffray at gmail.com
Sun May 31 09:26:02 BST 2009


I guess it all depends on whether the users have accepted to make public
their location. I am not sure whether the site allows to decide whether
to make public or not your location.
Personally, while I understand your enthusiasm, I would find annoying to
receive a pre-formatted message asking me to do more for Open Street
Map. I am more than happy to help people in the same area as me, and I
actually did contact someone editing my hometown for that very purpose.
But I would get twitchy if it was done a mass scale.
This is a hobby project for me and I would consider your practice to be
a bit like bullying. But that's just me.
However, it varies from people to people and if they choose to make
their location public I see no reason not to send them an email. I just
wouldn't like it. The key thing is that you have to be careful about
privacy in this case.

Emilie Laffray

Russ Nelson wrote:
> The OSM webserver will tell you the ten people with home locations  
> closest to your home location.  It would be useful to be able to get  
> more than that, for the purpose of inviting people to attend mapping  
> parties so they can become more effective and enthusiastic OSM  
> contributors.  If you move your home location to the location of the  
> mapping party, you can get ten people, and if you move it around some  
> more, you can get more than just those ten.
> So, being intolerant of boring, repetitive activities, I've written a  
> program to find OSM users by their home location.  You give it a  
> lat,lon, and the radius in degrees of the circle in which you want to  
> find people, and it repeatedly changes your home location until it's  
> gotten everyone.
> Is this program a good thing or a bad thing?  If it's a good thing,  
> then great, I'll use it.  If it's a bad thing, then how do we stop  
> other people less cooperative than myself from writing the same program?
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