[OSM-dev] Planet File Change Request

Mark Granger grangerfx at gmail.com
Wed Sep 2 19:28:52 BST 2009

I will do that. I need to modify my parser to emit more information about 
the bad node and way IDs. However, I am more interested in fixing the 
process by which the planet files themselves get generated to avoid the bad 
nodes in the first place. Manually fixing the missing nodes is a bandaid 
solution unless there is also a fix to prevent them from getting into the 
database in the future.

-Mark Granger

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> 2009/9/2 Mark Granger <grangerfx at gmail.com>:
>> This is planet file that I presume was built by the hypercube site using 
>> the
>> daily patches. When I parsed the file I found 120 ways that contained
>> missing nodes. These may be the deleted nodes you describe. Regardless of
>> why the nodes are missing, I am concerned that there seems to be no way 
>> to
>> obtain a complete planet.osm file with all nodes and ways intact.
> How about listing the affected way IDs on the wiki and we'll get them
> fixed chop chop. :-)
> / Grant 

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