[OSM-dev] Planet File Change Request

Mark Granger grangerfx at gmail.com
Wed Sep 2 21:36:01 BST 2009

Actually, I didn't understand most of it. I am very much an OSM developer
newbie and don't know much about databases. I do know quite a bit about
rendering very large datasets though so I am just looking at the problem
from the standpoint of what I am seeing in the data. All I can do is report
the issues as I encounter them and hope they can get fixed.

If I understand what you and Grant are saying, the missing nodes in the data
occurred as a corruption in an earlier version of the data. As requested, I
have attached a list of missing nodes IDs and the way IDs that referenced
them. I generated with my OSM parser. Hopefully this will help sort out the
issue or at least fix the current missing nodes. This was generated from the
planet-090901.osm file I downloaded yesterday from the hypercube site.

-Mark Granger
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> On 02/09/09 19:28, Mark Granger wrote:
>> I will do that. I need to modify my parser to emit more information about
>> the bad node and way IDs. However, I am more interested in fixing the
>> process by which the planet files themselves get generated to avoid the 
>> bad
>> nodes in the first place. Manually fixing the missing nodes is a bandaid
>> solution unless there is also a fix to prevent them from getting into the
>> database in the future.
> What part of the extremely long explanation that I posted last night where 
> I explained in detail why these are legacy issues that can no longer arise 
> with new data did you fail to understand?
> Tom
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