[OSM-dev] Coastline completeness and the world

Ben Supnik bsupnik at xsquawkbox.net
Wed Sep 2 22:24:04 BST 2009

Hi Y'all,

I think there's something I am missing about coastline -> shapefile 
processing and error checking:

- If a tile within the coastlines is 100% land because it is fully 
surrounded by a coastline and
- the coastline doesn't intersect the tile and
- the coastline isn't closed (and can't be closed by the error checker 
by "jumping" to the next coastline segment)

does the area actually become land?

If so, how does the error checker recover from this?

If not, does that imply that we have no such "major gaps" in the really 
large land masses right now?

I am still fighting to make my own coastline processing handle error 
conditions that the error checker handles...and not always succeeding. :-(


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