[OSM-dev] Direct upload of GPX to server

matgra-3 at student.ltu.se matgra-3 at student.ltu.se
Fri Sep 4 09:46:01 BST 2009


I'm working on a client and i have problem with uploading larger GPX files to 
the API server with Sony Ericsson phone K850i. When i send if the message body 
is beyond a certain size the phone start to send in chunked mode and my 
uploading will not get accepted when this happends. I get "(411) length 
required" error respond. If i try uploading with my client on a Nokia 6267 
phone it works fine to upload larger GPX files but i think a Nokia phone does 
not send in chunked mode and thats why it works in a Nokia phone.

So my question is does OSM API server support chunked POST?


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