[OSM-dev] api06 with problems? not really

Karl Guggisberg karl.guggisberg at guggis.ch
Sun Sep 6 17:49:38 BST 2009


found out that I have a problem with my JOSM dev build, api06 is fine.

-- Karl 


api06 seems to be broken in some way. 

That's what JOSM uploads to the API (trace from JOSM): 

<osm version='0.6' generator='JOSM'>
  <way id='78' timestamp='2009-09-06T16:34:25Z' uid='1' user='guggis'
visible='true' version='5' changeset='84'>
    <nd ref='313' />
    <nd ref='314' />
    <tag k='test' v='value1' />

That's what api06 replies on the next download. The version is increased, so
the upload was probably OK,
but the *tags are missing*

  <way id='78' timestamp='2009-09-06T16:36:51Z' uid='1' user='guggis'
visible='true' version='6'>
    <nd ref='313' />
    <nd ref='314' />

Any hint?


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