[OSM-dev] Keeping .osm database up-to-date

Stephan Knauss osm at stephans-server.de
Wed Sep 9 20:28:05 BST 2009

Richard Ive wrote:
> When you say read the diffs. Do you mean download the weekly planet from 
> osm.org <http://osm.org>, and then run it though osmosis. Would you be 
> happy sending me an example of your set-up?

The initial import was in slim mode. Updates are done whis way, osmosis 
being configured to hourly diffs:

osmosis --rci --buffer-change bufferCapacity=1000 --wxc - | 
D:\osm\PostgreSQL\osm2pgsql-test\osm2pgsql.exe -a -s -C 3800 -d osm -H 
localhost -U postgres -S D:\osm\PostgreSQL\osm2pgsql-test\default.style -


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