[OSM-dev] what server next?

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at SSpaeth.de
Thu Sep 10 16:03:52 BST 2009

Grant Slater wrote:
> Politely, hell no.
> Compare total hardware usage and cost of operating and coordinating
> tiles at home* layer versus mapnik layer. Mapnik layer still operates
> from 1 server!

hey, so does t at h. It operates from 1 server. Just uses a few more
clients :).

> * t at h got us here, but mapnik can carry up further. It would be
> excellent to see the performance APIs which grew from t at h growing more
> useful, maybe towards a feature set like xapi?

I would love to see more ROMAs and TRAPIs put in place (fast read only
mirror), also XAPIs that allow convenient filtering might be nice)

What about the search server. Is that hardware sufficient? Indexing and
searching is quite crucial and I seem to recall that the index was only
updated every few months due to perf reasons.


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