[OSM-dev] JAVA-Lib similar OpenLayers

Holger Schöner numenor at ancalime.de
Thu Sep 10 20:16:28 BST 2009

Hi Oliver,

> does anybody know an JAVA-Library with similar features like OpenLayers
> Javascript-Lib?
> I would like to enhance our Java-Client to get maps from WMS-Servers.
> Thanks for your effort.

Depending on what you expect in detail (ready-to-use-library or example 
code), and whether the licensing of the code is okay for you, you might have 
a look at the JOSM editor. Although I am not involved in its development, it 
is written in Java, and from using it I know two components which might be 
interesting to you:

- in the download dialog (Previously you needed a plugin for this, but now, 
I think, this is included in the program itself), there is a slippy map 
allowing to choose the area to download (probably just slippy map 
functionality, not WMS)

- In the WMS plugin, there should be code for actually accessing WMS 
services and underlying it in the view/edit area.

Does that help, or do you have other requirements/expectations?

Yours, Holger

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