[OSM-dev] le_top GPX upload in 0.6 API - private track upload not working

Mario De Weerd m.deweerd at ieee.org
Sat Sep 12 16:33:24 BST 2009


I have an app (BT747) that can upload tracks directly to OSM using the 0.6
Uploaded tracks are supposed to be private initially.  This worked fine for
sure about 25 days ago, but no longer since apparently 2 weeks.
I did not change my program and everything seems ok on that side (public is
set to 0) - I guess something changed on the server side.
Tracks uploaded this way automatically get a tag (bt747_direct).  There are
19 pages of public traces (
http://www.openstreetmap.org/traces/tag/bt747_direct ) - most surely
intentionnally public.

Can somebody look into this upload issue (= tracks should be private because
public is set to 0, but they are public instead)?

Kind regards

For info, my app is at http://bt747.free.fr.


In the mean time I found a message in french that gives a hint of the
problem: the available track types changed and likely the 0.6 API is not
setting the right type anymore:
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