[OSM-dev] [OSM-talk] Abstract on getting historic information about usage of a node

Peter Körner osm-lists at mazdermind.de
Wed Sep 16 19:34:04 BST 2009

>>    c) this will cost disk-space and memory for the index. The CPU time
>>       will be consumed only once.
> This is NOT true. As I explained yesterday there is a very good reason 
> why we do not store a node revision in current_way_nodes and way_nodes.

I'm sorry I should have mentioned that all the points from "Solutions, 
Server perspective" down are what I've collected from the various posts. 
I'm not familiar with the RailsPort and so I can't really tell about the 

But never the less we have to talk about how we could get the 
information (either from the API or from any other source) as without 
this it won't be possible to write a revert-tool that actually can 
revert dirty Changesets (or better: that can revert *all* dirty Changesets).

I'm sorry if this sounds like an attack to you. I know it's not the APIs 
job to support weird requests of all kinds, but especially on issue #1 
there is *no other way* to get this information.

What I'm asking myself is, if serving such requests will really have 
such a large impact on server performance. I'm really sure there won't 
be too many hits on these special (history only) calls, do you?


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