[OSM-dev] [OSM-talk] Abstract on getting historic information about usage of a node

Peter Körner osm-lists at mazdermind.de
Wed Sep 16 20:19:34 BST 2009

> What's the problem with that? If way 10 did not ever use node 50v3, then 
> it should not be included in the "give me all ways that use node 50v3" 
> call, right?
> (semi-ASCII-art ahead, arm your fixed-width photos)
> Here's way 10v1 (numbers are nodes):
> 50v1----51v1----52v2
> ...and a history table like this:
> way_id  way_rev  node_id   node_rev
> 10      1        50        1
> 10      1        51        1
> 10      1        52        2
> I come along and move node 52, causing a rev on the way and a rev on the 
> node:
And that's the point: atm. moving a node does not increase a ways version.

The data stored for a way is not it's geometry but only the nodes it 
consists of. So changing the geometry of a way does not change it's 
version, removing or adding a node to it does.

So when a node is moved a new node-id/node-ver-pair springs into live 
but its the ways are not updated.


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