[OSM-dev] Questions/Ideas/Plans on OSM Infrastructure

Dominik Bay eimann at etherkiller.de
Wed Sep 16 20:27:42 BST 2009

Just to correlate some notes which are in the wiki and in other places ...

Dominik Bay wrote:
> -> Database
> -----------
> To achieve this we need a database which holds all the current data,
> split into continents and maybe also countries and can be accessed
> by rendering tools and ORS.

AFAICS this is not easy with the current database layout, it does only
differentiate between types.
I should relay on postgresql cluster then ;-)

> -> Rendering
> ------------
> The goal is to get nearly-realtime rendering of all map-types and the
> option to easily do customized rendering for supporting events,
> Wikpedia, etc.
> This also enables us to support rendering of 3D Layers with very low delay.

In my drawing this would be some renderd instances running one
multithreaded mapnik instance.

> -> Webservers
> -------------
> Webservers answer proxy requests, they expire tiles on the proxies,
> serve tiles and can read additional meta-data to make decisions on
> expiring and serving old or new data.

With coming multi-queue support in mod_tile this should also be no problem.


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