[OSM-dev] [ANNOUCEMENT] MapOSMatic: automatic generation of cities' map from OpenStreetMap data

David MENTRE dmentre at linux-france.org
Mon Sep 21 15:55:08 BST 2009

Hello Roeland,

2009/9/18 Roeland Douma <unix at rullzer.com>:
> First of all: Awesome!

Thank you!

> One minor point:
> I did notice that you are still using the bitmap icons on the map. This is a
> pity since the whole map is nice vector data and if you are zooming (in the
> pdf or svg version) the icons get quite ugly.

Yes, we noticed that. But I did not even know there were vector icons
for Mapnik! :-)

Would you have a pointer (doc, source code, blog post, ...) to help us
integrate those vector icons?

Best regards,

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