[OSM-dev] [JOSM][RemoteControl] import?url

Etienne Chové chove at crans.org
Wed Sep 23 09:31:32 BST 2009

Frederik Ramm a écrit :
> Hi,
> Etienne Chové wrote:
>> I'm trying to use remote control plugin from JOSM with function 
>> /import?url=... When I put an invalid url, I get an error, but when I 
>> put a valid osm file url, nothing appens.
> People are reporting server problems ATM so try again later, and if the 
> problem persist, we'll investigate further.

I've josm-tested (version 1981) => it works
      josm-latest (version 2180) => it doesn't work

The bug occurs if no data have been downloaded before the call to 
openUrl (wich calls DownloadOsmTask). If I download some data with 
Ctrl+Maj+D and then call openUrl, it works fine.

I think the bug comes from :



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