[OSM-dev] git.openstreetmap.org

Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason avarab at gmail.com
Thu Apr 22 19:16:45 BST 2010

On Wed, Apr 21, 2010 at 15:42, Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason <avarab at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 21, 2010 at 15:11, Tom Hughes <tom at compton.nu> wrote:
>> On 21/04/10 15:06, Chris Browet wrote:
>>> The real question is whether it is wanted/desirable to have the myriad
>>> of OSM related projects hosted under a single repository (or at least
>>> under an "openstreetmap.org <http://openstreetmap.org>" umbrella).
>>> I don't actually have any opinion on this.
>> Well one problem is that managing it will be a pain if we have lots of
>> projects as an admin will have to create the repos and things.
>> The git security model also makes it a pain because it's OS security based
>> so would mean adding lots of system users and creating some complicated
>> system of group ownership to control who owned each repo.
> If you want to give people ssh:// access it can be (although GitHub,
> Gitorious et al manage with git-shell). But are you aware of
> git-http-backend(1)? You could set it up to do .htaccess push
> authentication via a CGI script exactly like SVN is set up now.

Here's more info on this from GitHub which just rolled it out:

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