[OSM-dev] Period In Key Names: Will It Cause A Problem?

Lars Francke lars.francke at gmail.com
Wed Aug 4 00:47:59 BST 2010

>> I'd use name:full, name:prefix etc. for it. As far as I can tell it's
>> pretty much established practice and you'd make _at least_ my life
>> easier :)
> How?

I've just rewritten parts of OSMdoc.com to support ":" in keys[1]
because they were the only delimiter in widespread use. So I naturally
hope no other delimiters gain any traction and I think they are

> Anyway, you don't think the distinction between Parameter and a Property is
> important?  I like the "." better, but again I don't care that much.

Do you have a good example where this distinction would be relevant
(i.e. any examples where you'd like to use "." _and_ ":")? I don't but
again I might be wrong and I don't care that much either way.


[1] http://osmdoc.blogspot.com/2010/01/full-writeup-of-how-i-parse-tags.html

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