[OSM-dev] CC-BY-SA datasources, display warning in editor?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Aug 4 10:17:24 BST 2010


    there are a number of data sources which have agreed to being used 
for CC-BY-SA licensed work but where it is not yet clear if data derived 
from them can be carried over once we change to ODbL.

I'm thinking for example of Nearmap aerial imagery.

It is possible that data being traced from these sources will have to be 
removed later, even if the user doing the tracing agrees to ODbL.

In fact, users who have newly signed up *already* have agreed to having 
OSMF release their data under ODbL, so their tracing such imagery might 
actually land them in a spot that Nearmap lawyers consider illegal.

I think it would be good if editor writers could make an effort to 
inform users about this potential problem, effectively telling them to 
postpone further use of that data source until the licensing questions 
have been sorted out. Otherwise people might just put in a lot of work 
for nothing.


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