[OSM-dev] Cartagen Knitter >> TMS, GeoTiff, can be used with JOSM

Jeffrey Warren warren at mit.edu
Wed Aug 4 14:14:50 BST 2010

Hi all -

I added a range of new publication options to the Cartagen Knitter software
(http://cartagen.org/maps) yesterday, amongst them:

- Output as high-resolution JPG and GeoTIFF
- Output as TMS tile service for use in OpenLayers, etc.

Therefore you can now use aerial images from balloons or kites (or whatever!
slingshots!) to stitch a map, then export it for printing or import it into
many other geospatial tools. All in the browser, no plugins.

That last one, TMS, means you can now use the Slippy Map plugin for JOSM to
trace your aerial imagery and submit it to OpenStreetMap.

See TMS output of a 5.5 km long map made in Georgia with Jumpstart
Internationa/OpenMapsCaucasus here:

That was made in 3 days with a balloon and a canon camera. See the flight
paths here: (http://www.flickr.com/photos/jeffreywarren/4785997308/)

A couple pictures here:

But most importantly, the new Export button is in the upper-right corner of
the screen. Beware, exporting a map can take quite a while! *I'd appreciate
it if you didn't export the Mestia map because it takes over an hour and
slams my server.*

Also please be nice in general as its just been put up and bugs may persist.

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