[OSM-dev] Way-Geometra history [was: api question]

Peter Körner osm-lists at mazdermind.de
Thu Aug 12 07:45:35 BST 2010

Am 12.08.2010 00:39, schrieb Frederik Ramm:
> Hi,
> bernhard zwischenbrugger wrote:
>> Is there a way to get a full way for an old version?
> It is complicated because matching nodes have to be retrieved. The XAPI
> can do it, see:

Its the no. 1 show stopper for a history viewer -- for obvious reasons.

We should* extend osmosis to process a history file using the 
linestringbuilde, so it could generate a table with one geometry for 
each minor-version of the way.


*I'll have a look at it myself but it's a complex task and it would be 
better to have more than one person working on a solution.

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