[OSM-dev] minute diff - max delay

Brett Henderson brett at bretth.com
Fri Aug 13 00:08:46 BST 2010

There is a known issue with the minute diffs where some are taking much
longer than a minute to produce.  This causes subsequent executions to skip
until the previous one completes.

I noticed it occurring approximately around the time of the recent database
server upgrade but this may be pure coincidence.  Some investigation has
been performed and the queries don't appear to be held up by database locks,
and they don't appear to be using poor execution plans.  The cause of the
problem is mystery to be honest, and I haven't had time to investigate

If anybody has time it would be interesting to look at the minute diffs over
the last few months and summarise how many diffs are produced per hour or
day and plot that on a graph.  It would show whether or not this problem has
gradually gotten worse over a period of time, or if it occurred suddenly.

On Fri, Aug 13, 2010 at 6:51 AM, Norbert Hoffmann
<nhoffmann at spamfence.net>wrote:

> bernhard zwischenbrugger wrote:
> >Is there a maximum delay time the minute diffs can have?
> >
> >Here for example:
> >http://planet.openstreetmap.org/minute-replicate/000/439/
> >At 11:54 there is a 15 minute delay.
> Files with data for 10 minutes or more are quite frequent since some time
> now. This causes e.g. the TRAPI servers to stop to serve data because they
> have no actual data. http://datenkueche.com/osmlive/ is quite useless
> because it replays the same data again and again.
> Norbert
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