[OSM-dev] Announcing: Simple Map Editor (GSoC 2010)

Andreas Kalsch andreaskalsch at gmx.de
Fri Aug 20 04:53:22 BST 2010

  Am 20.08.10 05:45, schrieb Michael Daines:
>> - I can only add predefined tags - I think there should be a more common way to add tags. The best way is to simplify adding relevant tags by using data mining (Which tags are often used together with the tags already defined?) to propose new tags instead of manually predefining tags! Or do you have implemented it already this way but the test data set lacks some data? Anyway, I (not a beginner) want to be able to add any tag I want.
> The idea is that as a beginner you wouldn't yet be sure what tags add anyway. (Or wouldn't even yet care how OSM uses "tags" or "nodes", etc.) This is more of a design decision than a technical limitation.
Of course, it is about showing an inexperienced user what makes sense by using intelligent 
predefinitions based on algorithmical choice. Nobody needs to care about features or even tags and 
keys ;)
>> - I want to be able to zoom out to see the whole geometry.
> Right now the editor loads map data through the standard /map bbox query. Loading a lot of map data when zoomed out would be slow, (it is already slow on the production API) but perhaps in the future, XAPI could be used to only load the kinds of things the editor can actually do things with?
You only need to reload data when the user unselects a feature. Zooming out is just to get an 
overview. Anyway, this is just a detail.
>> - I agree with Sebastian Klein: Do not force the user to cancel or save, but save the whole as one changeset.
> How do you see this working? Just opening a changeset at the beginning of the editing session and letting it close automatically? Or would it be reflected in the interface?
You select a feature, it's getting highlighted, the tag box is opened, then you edit tags. As soon 
as you unselect the feature by selecting another one or clicking anywhere, your changes are saved on 
the client, somewhere appears a red SAVE button after your first edit. That's it. No need to explain 
changeset or anything to the user ;)
> I want to avoid presenting the concept of the "changeset" and also make it clear that some action is taking place when editing. I don't want the user's edits to be silently transmitted to the servers without them realizing it.

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