[OSM-dev] Search is not working on own map

Peter Körner osm-lists at mazdermind.de
Fri Aug 20 08:47:07 BST 2010

Am 20.08.2010 04:58, schrieb Parveen Arora:
>> That string is not terminated:
>> "${z}/${x}/${y}.png,
> is above link incorrect or how to terminate it ?

There's a missing " at the end. A string literal is always *enclosed* 
with " or '.

>> You might consider starting with some easy example and then step by step
>> move forward.
> Please give me any suggestion or any help, from where  should i start
First learn html, how computer parses files, how stings are terminated 
and so:

Then start to learn javascript with the focus on "what is sourcecode and 
how do computers read it".

This is a hard way to go and it will take months of reading, and playing 
around but they'll be worth it.


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