[OSM-dev] Reading OSM History dumps

Peter Körner osm-lists at mazdermind.de
Mon Aug 23 19:53:49 BST 2010

Am 23.08.2010 17:40, schrieb Scott Crosby:
> The timestamp field is both explicitly specified by the client, and
> specified independently for each element. If the two elements have
> different timestamps, will the data be rejected by the server? If not,
> then using timestamps to define an order will create history snapshots
> that will *split updates that are guaranteed to be atomic*.

That's an interesting point I didn't think about. If your concerns prove 
to be legitimate, I'd tend to follow your suggestion in the other mail 
to just assume changesets to be atomic and linear numbered.

Even if this is not really true, it would be the nearest we can get to a 
real history view without starting to use heuristics to determine 
changeset order / timestamp validity.


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