[OSM-dev] invalid geometry in planet_polygon

Stephan Knauss osm at stephans-server.de
Tue Aug 24 00:09:42 BST 2010


I tried some queries filtered with st_within and got a geos exception.

I think it's caused by some geometries not being valid.

Database is a standard mapnik import done by osm2pgsql.

Postgis reports
NOTICE:  Self-intersection at or near point 1.1195e+07 2.01783e+06

This is relation 227259

Is this a problem with the import of osm2pgsql or a problem with the data?

I used this query to detect invalid geometries. There are more...

select osm_id from planet_osm_polygon WHERE NOT st_isvalid(way)

A dump of the invalid geometries of the planet is available on my server:


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