[OSM-dev] new contributor terms ID list

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Aug 25 08:59:52 BST 2010


John Smith wrote:
> That's debatable, I'd say anything with more than 0.5% contribution is
> most likely to be a bot or an import and should be excluded for the
> purposes of visualising support.

The raw data can be interpreted in many ways. What we have seen is one 

Some may be interested in how many *humans* have already agreed because 
they feel that the community is more important than the data. Others may 
only be looking at the *data* because the thing they fear most is that 
their local area of interest is adversely affected, no matter if the 
data came from imports or humans.

A possible problem for those who are interested only in humans is that 
we don't have a bot flag in the database so what's a bot and what not is 
anybody's guess.


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