[OSM-dev] Mapping during license change / "safe to edit"

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Aug 25 09:08:18 BST 2010


    understandably, the license change process creates some unease 
amongst mappers. Most of them are pragmatic - they have agreed to the 
change, and now they want to continue what they do best, which is 
mapping stuff.

They know that mapping new stuff (without reference to incompatible 
sources) is safe, and anything they create will definitely be in OSM to 

But some of them are wary of modifying existing objects. How can they 
know that they are not building on sand - might the very object they are 
about to edit one day have to be removed because its author has not 
agreed to the license change?

How could we make life easier for them? What technological measures 
could realistically be employed to determine what is "safe to edit" and 
how could this be signalled to the mapper?


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