[OSM-dev] generate_xml.py not generating osm.xml file?

Stephan Knauss osm at stephans-server.de
Fri Aug 27 22:43:02 BST 2010


Sajjad Anwar wrote:
> The following link contains pointers to setting up Mapnik and basic 
> rules file modifications 
> http://sajjad.in/mapping/setting-up-mapnik-for-rendering-tiles-in-your-language/

you can find the trick to render bilingual maps like 
http://thaimap.osm-tools.org/ or http://greece.osm-tools.org/ on my 
download space:


I did set up a view to return the matching names from the DB. This is 
also the place you want to edit in case you like a different fallback rule.


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