[OSM-dev] [Marble-devel] NOTICE: gazetteer.osm.org being retired

Torsten Rahn tackat at t-online.de
Mon Aug 30 23:46:11 BST 2010


Am Montag, 30. August 2010 22:05:59 schrieb Matt Amos:
> nominatim will continue to work and if someone were to write a
> forwarding service which talks namefinder protocol, it could provide a
> stop-gap.

Since we currently pretty much rely on namefinder such a wrapper could 
possibly solve the issue :-)
> > Is there a low traffic OSM announcement list that provides announcements
> > like these for people who rely on OpenStreetMap services?
> there is an announce list, but for development announcements like this
> one, this dev list is the best place.

Well, I just browsed through the announce list and to be honest I think the 
deprecation of a public API really should have been announced there a year ago 
if it was already obvious that it would get discontinued.
Personally I'd say it should be good practice to announce the deprecation half 
a year before shutdown of the service on osm-announce.
Best Regards,


> alternatively, a commercial service from one of the companies selling
> OSM-based services might be willing to give an "enterprise" guarantee.
> cheers,
> matt
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