[OSM-dev] mod_tile - Howto?

marqqs at gmx.eu marqqs at gmx.eu
Sun Dec 26 15:04:54 GMT 2010


I've got curious about Tirex. Since Tirex seems to need mod_tile I'm looking for an easy installation instruction for mod_tile.

The Wiki page says "There are a number of HowTo's available to set up a tile server based upon mod_tile.". That's a nice hint, but at this point I would have hoped for a link to at least one of them. Please, can anybody help me?

I tried to understand the mod_tile's readmy.txt which has been referred to by the Wiki, but I gave up at "Edit the paths in the source to match your local setup.". Which paths and where in the source?

Sorry to bother you with these beginner questions, but I really don't know what to do now...


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