[OSM-dev] Slippy map tiles mismatch

Matt Hampel matthew.hampel at gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 15:47:49 GMT 2010

I'm trying to replicate the slippy maps demo at
http://media.mapnik.org/oxford.html and/or
http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OpenLayers_Simple_Example, and am
running into some problems.

I'm using OSM shapefile extracts from cloudmade, and rendering the map
tiles using the OSM rendering code (generate_tiles.py via
http://svn.openstreetmap.org/applications/rendering/mapnik/) -- that
part seems to go fine.

But when I try to display my tiles on the slippy map using virtually
the same code as the demo page (changed only to match my local
directory, not OSM), I get an odd mismatch between the tiles. Here's
what it looks like: http://screencast.com/t/ZThjZGYyN

(sorry about the horrible red styles -- I've been testing some selectors.)

It feels as if there's gutter space that isn't lining up, but I'm not
sure how to correct for this, especially since the actual OSM tiles
display fine.


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