[OSM-dev] need some javascript help

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Wed Feb 24 16:10:33 GMT 2010

>Another cleaner option is to use all that AJAX magic stuff to load the 
>content in a <div> rather than in an <iframe>.

>May I suggest you the "ajax for dummies" book? It's a nice hands-on 
>introduction to this javascript stuff.

AJAX is easy. ;-)
Particularly if you use prototype (www.prototypejs.org). I don't think 
I've needed to use an iframe in my life. :-)

See, for example (absolute bare-bones example, you have to enter one of 
the three specified destinations and "010708" for the date):


The javascript queries the server with what the user entered in the 2 text 
fields, the server sends a load of text back and loads it into a specified 


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