[OSM-dev] OSM front page design concept

Tirkon tirkon33 at yahoo.de
Sun Feb 28 12:14:10 GMT 2010

Frederik Ramm <frederik at remote.org> wrote:

>What you are describing is the "web map to end all web maps". It is a 
>natural tendency for many in the IT industry to always try and 
>generalise ("if I add this and make that configurable, then the same 
>backend could be used to do all these things...").

Here is an example, sadly in German. I do not know an English one.

>In contrast, I think that a lean main site has a better chance of 
>encouraging individuals to create their own specialist maps just as we 
>have it now.

>The more of OSM is centrally run and maintained, the less diversity and 
>creativity the project will offer.

Possibly you are right. I already admitted, that I am in a deep
science fiction.

But this is exactly rhat, what I am asked i.e. by Wikipedia users. At
present they draw their maps for every geographical article (states,
regions, districts, towns, municipality, urban quarters) and the
sub-chapters of these (water, public transport, railway etc etc) and
special interests (cycling, on horseback etc) by hand. This is over
and over again the same work only with a different assortment. It
would be really helpful, if it was possible to extract automaticly
these informations nearly live from OSM.

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