[OSM-dev] Feedback email threading

Shaun McDonald shaun at shaunmcdonald.me.uk
Sat May 1 12:42:32 BST 2010

One of the problems I've noticed with mails of feedback recently is that the responses are not threaded, so it's not so easy to see which ones have already been responded to. I think it's down to the subject line being different, with regard to the turnaround time only being in the initial mail.

I've seen it's the following two lines:
		// Include the turnaround time in the subject line, as a clue to its spammyness.
		$form->setOutputEmail ($recipients, $this->settings['administratorEmail'], "CycleStreets feedback [#{$serialNumber}] {$aspect} {$formattedTurnAroundTime}", NULL, $replyToField = 'email');

I suppose this comes in with the bigger feedback revamp discussion.


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