[OSM-dev] Opening hours

Julian Burgess julian at opening-times.co.uk
Sun May 2 23:25:06 BST 2010

Hello. I run the http://opening-times.co.uk and I'd really like to
tightly integrate in to OSM, and am looking for developers who would
like to help with advice, and/or coding.

The rough plan is that my site become essentially a validation layer
for producing the opening_hours tag and a service for getting the
current state of a element. I'd use the OSM oauth for authentication.

I popped in to the OSM Hack Day yesterday and mean to come back today
but didn't get the chance.

I've had a good read of this wiki page and discussion, it seems very
sensible to me. http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Opening_hours

Let me know if you're interested in helping or have any advice.

Many thanks


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