[OSM-dev] Trouble getting mod_tile and apache talking

Rory McCann rory at technomancy.org
Mon May 10 15:02:49 BST 2010


I'm trying to set up my own mod_tile install. I'm using Ubuntu 8.04
Hardy. I've got mapnik installed and rendering tiles OK for the data I'm
interested in using the mapnik style I want. However when I try to go to
http://www.technomancy.org/openirishmap_tiles/0/0/0.png I get a standard
Apache 404 'file not found' error and I see nothing on the console of
"renderd -f".

I get the following error messages in my access log:

x.x.x.x - - [10/May/2010:14:00:17 +0000] "GET
/openirishmap_tiles/0/0/0.png HTTP/1.1" 404 526 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (X11;
U; Linux i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/20100423 Ubuntu/10.04 (lucid)

and the following errors in my apache error log:

[Mon May 10 14:00:17 2010] [error] [client x.x.x.x] File does not exist:

I build the debian packages using dpkg-buildpackage and installed the
renderd and mod_tile debs.

My /etc/renderd.conf looks like this:

tile_dir=/var/lib/mod_tile ; DOES NOT WORK YET



The relevant section of my apache virtual host config file looks like this:

<VirtualHost *:80>
        LoadModule tile_module modules/mod_tile.so
        LoadTileConfigFile /etc/renderd.conf
        AddTileConfig  /openirishmap_tiles/ default
        ModTileRenderdSocketName /var/run/renderd/renderd.sock


There should be no permission problems on /var/run/renderd:

$ find /var/run/renderd/ -ls
3079531    0 drwxrwxrwx   2 root     root           80 May 10 13:26
3387320    0 srwxrwxrwx   1 rory     rory            0 May 10 13:26
3098853    0 -rwxrwxrwx   1 rory     rory            0 May  9 21:11

And the permissions on /var/lib/mod_tile look OK:

$ find /var/lib/mod_tile/ -ls
     2    4 drwxrwxrwx   4 rory     rory         4096 May 10 13:21
    11   16 drwx------   2 root     root        16384 May 10 09:52
1703937    4 drwxrwxrwx   2 root     root         4096 May 10 13:21

Is there something simple I'm missing? How do I get apache talking to



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