[OSM-dev] khtmlib Android support

bernhard bz at datenkueche.com
Thu May 13 12:04:41 BST 2010

Hi all

Some people were asking for Android support.
Now my map library should also work on Android.

Here an example map:

You can open the map be typing:
"khtml.org" in the android browser url field and you will be redirected 
to the page.

- doubletouch: zoom in
- long press with one finger: zoom out
- drag/drop: move the map
- multitouch (pinch-zoom) only works on iPhone and maybe on iPad.

There are still many problems with Android Browser.
I was testing with HTC Legend and could not switch of the default 
multitouch zoom.

I started to collect the problems here:

For some problems there will be a workaround, for others maybe not.

Please open the map on your Android (iPhone, Blackberry, Firefox, 
Chrome, Internet Explorer).
If you see a problem, please report.

Success reports are also very welcome.
I added also iPad support, but I don't have the iPad. It should work, 
but without testing I don't think it's working.
If it's working on iPad please, please let me know.

For all the platforms, just use the address


You will be redirected to the correct page.

thanks a lot


PS: osmlive is working again:
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