[OSM-dev] relations refering to deleted objects

Mitja Kleider mitja at kleider.name
Sun May 23 18:47:12 BST 2010


Frederik Ramm wrote:
> > Shouldn't the API reject a changeset creating such inconsistencies?
> It should. I haven't looked at your list but be aware that (contrary to 
> what some people think) the planet dump does NOT possess referential 
> integrity. For example, if a node is created and added to a relation 
> around Wednesday afternoon, it is quite likely that the node section has 
> already been dumped to file at this time (thus the node will not be 
> included in the planet file) but the relations are not yet dumped (thus 
> the node will be referenced by a relation).

Thanks for pointing out that special case.

Before I wrote the previous mail, I checked a few of the ways in my
list, for example this one:

They were all deleted and still part of a relation in the live API.


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