[OSM-dev] Complex JOSM filtering rules

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed May 26 15:21:53 BST 2010


John Smith wrote:
> Perhaps I'm not explaining myself clearly, ideally I want to
> completely hide admin boundaries all the time, except some admin
> boundaries are also tagged as waterways and highways and so on, and
> I'd like to be only able to see those admin boundaries, long term I'm
> hoping to de-merge these ways completely, but for now finding them and
> dealing with them would be nice.

And I'd like JOSM to highlight places where an admin boundary runs 100% 
parallel to a road so I can merge them ;-)

Jokes aside, *please* use relations for admin boundaries and then simply 
make the road a member in your relation. There is no need to draw an 
extra line tagged admin boundary if the boundary is the road.


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