[OSM-dev] PBF parsing frontend for osm2pgsql, tester wanted

Sven Geggus lists at fuchsschwanzdomain.de
Mon Nov 1 13:22:51 GMT 2010

Hartmut Holzgraefe <hartmut at php.net> wrote:

> i have commit access, the changes are quite massive by now though,
> so i'd like to get at least some feedback before pushing the changes
> to SVN ...

Hm, when using ordinary osm file and no -r switch I get the

Input parser `libxml2' not recognised. Should be one of [xml2, primitive, pbf].

One could also think about choosing a default parser based on file
extensions. Anyway I think you should change the code like this:

--- osm2pgsql-0.70.2-sven/osm2pgsql.c	2010-11-01 14:18:48.510689375 +0100
+++ osm2pgsql-0.70.2/osm2pgsql.c	2010-10-31 17:53:27.000000000 +0100
@@ -156,7 +156,7 @@
     fprintf(stderr, "   -e|--expire-tiles [min_zoom-]max_zoom\tCreate a tile expiry list.\n");
     fprintf(stderr, "   -o|--expire-output filename\tOutput filename for expired tiles list.\n");
     fprintf(stderr, "   -r|--input-reader\tInput frontend.\n");
-    fprintf(stderr, "              \t\txml2   - Parse XML using libxml2. (default)\n");
+    fprintf(stderr, "              \t\tlibxml2   - Parse XML using libxml2. (default)\n");
     fprintf(stderr, "              \t\tprimitive - Primitive XML parsing.\n");
     fprintf(stderr, "              \t\tpbf       - OSM binary format.\n");
     fprintf(stderr, "   -O|--output\t\tOutput backend.\n");
@@ -304,7 +304,7 @@
     const char *style = OSM2PGSQL_DATADIR "/default.style";
     const char *temparg;
     const char *output_backend = "pgsql";
-    const char *input_reader = "xml2";
+    const char *input_reader = "libxml2";
     const char **hstore_columns = NULL;
     int n_hstore_columns = 0;
     int cache = 800;


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