[OSM-dev] Multilingual Maps Overlays

Stefan Keller sfkeller at gmail.com
Wed Nov 3 01:06:36 GMT 2010

Thanks, Peter, for the explanations.

I still have some some problems of understanding the Multilingual Maps
Overlays" project goal/idea and implementation:

1. What is the goal of this project/idea? Is it to simply display
alternative name Tags based on language's ISO 639 code?
At least the wiki page is not of much help explaining this:

2. What about names in the local dialect (very important to me)? I'm
thinkin about 'Barça' for Barcelona, Spain, or 'Züri' which is Swiss
German for Zurich, Switzerland). How to tag those? => Something like
'ch' plus a subdomain?

3. Testing: Can you give me any URL as a demonstration and test case
you are using yourself to test the online map at
http://toolserver.org/~osm/locale/ ?

4. Regarding implementation and the layer parameter:

* I would restrict the layers (i.e. the language codes) to be
displayed at once, say three. So the parameter remains short.

* Instead of trying rendering (and preloading) each of the 275
languages as an own, self-contained half-transparent Mapnik tiles, how
about taking the basemap as well as a Web Map Server (like mapserver
or GeoServer) which delivers names as labels dynamically as GeoJSON.

* How to generate, display and control layers for local dialect names
(Barça, Züri)?

Yours, S.

2010/11/2 Peter Körner <osm-lists at mazdermind.de>:
> Am 02.11.2010 11:52, schrieb Stefan Keller:
>> Hi
>> Nice idea.
>> I don't see any labels except those already rendered by Mapnik. I
>> looked at osm-labes-de and -ch.
> That's just because our tile server is very busy rendering those overlays.
> They are very young and most files below z0-6 have not been rendered yet.
>> 1. Can you give my an example Permalink?
>> 2. Then I encountered a JavaScript problem (some CPU consuming endless
>> loop) when trying to click and launch a Permalink.
>> 3. And the Peramlikn look like it has an endless layers parameter, like
>> this:
> I guess that's all one single problem. Does sb. have an idea how get the
> permalink smaller? osm.org is using some "layerCode" parameter but I can't
> find it in the openlayers docs.
> Peter

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