[OSM-dev] Planet in PBF?

Scott Crosby scrosby at cs.rice.edu
Mon Nov 15 13:35:17 GMT 2010

On Mon, Nov 15, 2010 at 5:50 AM, Emilie Laffray <emilie.laffray at gmail.com>wrote:

If we were to drop the osm.bz2 file, we will give ample warnings and long in
> advance. In addition, I strongly believe that the XML OSM file format is a
> good exchange format so I don't see it disappearing. The usage of the pbf
> and XML format are not the same.
I concur. I would not advocate dropping the xml.bz2 format at all until, at
the minimum, the code is in OSM SVN, there are test files that cover all of
the features of the PBF format and there are at least two
interoperable serializer and deserializer implementations. To my knowledge,
the only serializer is the osmosis one.

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