[OSM-dev] New public nominatim service (mapquest)

Nic Roets nroets at gmail.com
Thu Nov 18 20:21:56 GMT 2010

The search box on the left does not work because the demo is not a full
implementation of the main page. (On my to do list).

After enabling the routing layer, you can search for London.

Which unfortunately returns London in Ontario, Canada, which is the first
entry of the list returned by Nominatim. Ideally cities should be listed in
decreasing population size. Not a big job considering the data is in the
geonames database.

On Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 9:14 PM, Wyo <otto.wyss at orpatec.ch> wrote:

> Nic Roets wrote:
>> I think nominatim is well documented on the wiki.
>>  Nomination well yes, but not how to access Nomination with Ajax.
>  I used it to create the Osm.org routing demo. It queries nominatim using
>> jquery. You can find the source here:
>> http://nroets.dev.openstreetmap.org/
>>  Thanks. I tried the demos, searching for "london", none produced any
> results.
> Wyo
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