[OSM-dev] Minutely Mapnik

Jonathan Bennett openstreetmap at jonno.cix.co.uk
Thu Nov 18 21:34:24 GMT 2010

On 18/11/2010 21:24, Frederik Ramm wrote:
> I forgot what exactly it was, but there will
> be some cases where a node is moved from the inside to the outside or so
> where things foul up.

The usual example is:

* Way and all nodes fall outside initial bounding box of extract
* One or more nodes of the way are moved inside the bounding box, but
the way itself isn't changed
* Way should now appear in bounding box, but doesn't.

One workaround is to maintain an extract larger than you need, apply the
diffs to that, then extract the true area you need. Not foolproof, but
less likely to screw up.

Jonathan (Jonobennett)

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